Tigmein Values

The core values of this organization are:

  • Putting above everything else, the unity and synergetic bond within Tijjaniyya Adherents and between other similar organizations nationwide by means of collaborating and partnering with other philanthropic organizations and individuals, as well as other civic, socio-political, or religious bodies in order help us achieve our goals.
  • To show the enthusiasm, boldness and willingness to step forward in order to protect and further the socio-economic rights and privileges of Tijjaniyya Adherents nation-wide.
  • Adopting honesty, integrity, fairness and accountability while dealing with beneficiaries of the various dividends of this initiative by ensuring equal preference of all Tijjaniyya Adherents/Sympathizers regardless of gender, ethnic, zawaya or like-affiliations.
  • Exercising balance, equity and relevance while considering beneficiaries for our various initiatives, as much as possible.

Embracing research, learning and oft-review in order arrive at innovative ways to further the objectives of this organization.

1 thought on “Tigmein Values”

  1. Ahmad Mahmoud (Gidauniyanfaira).

    Alhamdulillah, its indeed a great development to all Tijjaniyya adherents and also to the entire Muslims ummah of Nigeria to have found ourselves in such a magnificent and magnanimous movement which intend to bring cooperation, unity and understanding among us. May Allah in his infinate mercy continue to bless, guide and protect the interest of TIGMEIN at all cost and time. Nice being with you all.

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